Heyoooo! Another week has passed. This previous week included lots of tests. Now I’m just waiting for the teachers to post final grades so the computer will let me choose my next classes.

Have an idea for a site of my very own finally. Got a teeny tiny bit of work done on it. Will post more later.

Time for sleep.

Ta ta.

UPDATE: Teacher’s finalized grades.

Term GPA of 4.0 (all A’s) this semester bringing my cumulative GPA to 3.9!


So my week ends on Monday because it is the last day off from work I have, so technically this counts as a weekly update.

This week was spent writing and studying, and will follow next/this week with further studying/testing.

That is all. Actual work starts after all the evil tests.

Ta ta.

Wish I could find the actual resume I used to apply for work. It would make this assignment 100% easier.

So I just stumbled on back to the MacLab and discovered that this blog is on the recommended list.

This is good and bad.

Bad because I realized that I don’t have a lot to put onto here and feel like a chump for slacking/letting myself get incredibly distracted from working on what I love.

Good because I have found my way back.

Lookout Skocko because if you still think I am one to be recommended to students, the best I can do is not disappoint.

I just realized that the complete Rotoball will be online and at the Shanghai Student Film Festival a day before my birthday. Just in time!

So expect to see this somewhere in there on the 23rd of April. WOO WOOOoooooo! (WARNING: Second link has naughty words and explody people)

After a long couple of days, my Rotoball project is done! And just in time!*

“There’s nothing wrong with procrastination, if you have learned to perfect it.” -Imaginary Philosopher (2010)


*I had 12 hours and 25 minutes left to submit it

Got kind of distracted with finals stuff and 24 boop beep boop beep, so the animating got lost. Sorry about that D.O.

Also, apparently my school got locked down at fifth period because of a tornado warning! Yikes! Glad I leave right after fourth.

Also, also, it looks like our national healthcare is dead…

Also, also, also, this was posted from an iPhone app. Cool beans.